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A little bit about me… | IncomeMark - Welcome

A little bit about me…

A bit of the background about me.  I go by Drew.  I grew up in New York.  Both my parents we’re teachers in the New York City Public School System.  My older sibling wen to found a successful business, and my younger sibling is in school.  Myself, well, I originally wanted to be a doctor.  I was always open in helping people, and I thought it would be a good fit.  When I turned 18 and I went through several career outlooks, I found the amount of time and debt it would take to complete under grad, then medical school, then residency and it was just too long for me to commit in terms of financial and time issues.  I then considered becoming an entrepreneur.  It sounded exciting enough for me, plus, I enjoyed the fact I was my own boss.  Starting out in New York City in the mid-1990’s I founded a computer company.  I’d been building computers  on the side since I was thirteen, and everyone seemed to like my work and support.  In fact, I had some high profile celebrities purchase my computers.  Eventually, I was able to receive attention from the national computer magazines.  My computers were reviewed by PC World, PC Magazine, Computer Shopper, and C|Net Networks.  I even won computer of the year from one of those publications.   Compaq computers even used an add in national magazines against my own computers.  Over the mid to late 90’s, I grew from a few computers a week to over 90 computers a week.  All computers were hand built in New York City.  I had the opportunity over this time to meet and make deals with some of the industries most well known business leaders.  This included  IBM Chairman/CEO Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Dell Computer (now Dell, Inc.) Chairman/CEO Michael Dell and AMD Chairman/CEO Jerry Sanders III.  Many new computer companies were popping up around this time, so there was indeed competition.  For a brief time, around 1999 or so, there were these free PC’s gaining steam.  This, hurt the bottom line and the company took a big hit.  I sold the rights to the company name for a token amount and got out of that business.

Next, I started various Internet websites.  Many were successful and I was able to sell a few to some larger companies.  Due to non-disclosure agreements signed, I am limited to what I can and cannot discuss.  So, I am going to move forward on what my business and personal ideology in finance and income are.

What I’ve always done was keep costs low and actually not use leverage in business or personal dealings.  I am sure many people would say leverage is needed in order to start business and grow.  Well, maybe this is true if you are trying to build the next Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo!, etc.  However, if you are trying to make a little income on the side and grow it for yourself/your family, then no, it isn’t.  The Internet, even more so now, has taken out a large barrier of entry for entrepreneurs.  One can start a website, eBay business, Amazon business, e-commerce business with little overhead.  I will go into this in detail in additional posts.  Does everything always work?  No, of course not.  However, if one doesn’t try, one will not succeed.  It’s really that simple.

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