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How to setup a budget?? | IncomeMark - Welcome

How to setup a budget??

Drew.  A budget is confusing.  How do I set one up easily?

Well, good news!!  There are apps and spreadsheets online to help you out.  Don’t have access to Microsoft Excel?  No problem.  Google has you covered with Google Docs.  Microsoft also has a free version of Microsoft Office for you to use as well.  Rather have an offline spreadsheet program?  No problem.  I have you covered for use with Windows, Mac and even Linux.  Libre Office and Open Office an free open source versions an office suite similar to Microsoft Office.  I used both in the past, and I find Libre Office my suite of choice.

Here are some links to spreadsheet budget worksheets you can use in Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Libre Office or Open Office:

Budget Worksheet

Budget Worksheet alternative

Online services:


Either way you select, online budget software or online/offline spreadsheets will help you see where the money is going.  Once you see where the money is going, then you will have an idea on how to tackle the budget issue.

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  1. […] My take – I agree on using a budget 100%.  However, this can be done in the authors way or, on a budget spreadsheet, cash method or an online service.  The point is you need to know where your money is coming and going.  I have  a post on my opinions on budgeting here. […]

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