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There’s gold in your home… You’re just not looking for it!!! | IncomeMark - Welcome

There’s gold in your home… You’re just not looking for it!!!

Do you know how to get some extra income without doing much?  Ever hear of a site called eBay?  Well, I did an experiment over the past six weeks.  I looked around my home to saw a slew of things that I either do not need nor use anymore.  I had an old laptop I am not using, some small appliances, unused software that came with my computer, video games, an old game system, and a lot of other items that I am not using and will never use.  I even found some vintage sports cards and comics back from my Dad (circa 1950’s – 1960’s).  I listed all these things and I was surprised on how much money came in even after eBay’s and Paypal’s fees.

Just some food for thought, your junk really is someone else’s treasure!  So go around your home and look for things that you are not using or haven’t used and list it on eBay for sale.  Here’s a quick tip.  After you get a few things together to list on eBay, conduct a search with “sold” items clicked (lower right corner of the the screen), and you can see how much you may be able to get for each item.  Then you can see if it worth your time to list the item and ship it out after it sells.

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