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Why I started | IncomeMark - Welcome

Why I started

So Drew.  Why did you start the IncomeMark blog?

Well..  It seems everyone from Adam to Zelda has a blog, so why shouldn’t I start one too?  LOL… Not necessarily the real reason.    While I am not guru and 100% claim to be know it all like the talking heads on CNBC, Fox Business or Bloomberg, I do feel I can add another voice from real life experience on family, budget, college, savings and of course retirement.  The 21st century is much different than it was for our parents or grandparents.  We, as a collective generation, need to rethink the way we earn money, save money, save for our kids (or future kids) college and of course retirement.  Many do not budget nowadays for savings, retirement, college or medical.  It’s important to live on some sort of targeted budget.  I will go through how I’ve done it in my life.  I hope some people will find my experiences helpful for them and their family.

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