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How to earn 5% through easy online savings? | IncomeMark - Welcome

How to earn 5% through easy online savings?

Did you know that there are now easy ways to earn 5% on your money with very little effort. There are a few companies, listed below, which will offer you an FDIC insured 5% on your savings if you signup for their prepaid debt card. This is very simple and easy to do. 1, you go to any of the sites below and signup for the service. They send you a prepaid debt card. You activate the debt card and link your bank account to the online debit card account. Once you transfer $500.00 from your regular bank or savings account, they will give you the option to transfer the money from your debt card to your FDIC online savings account. After that, you receive the 5% (or so) interest on your money every quarter up to $5000.00. After which, you would earn around 0.50% interest on the balances over $5000.00. In order to waive or keep fees low, you just transfer $5.00 once a quarter into said bank accounts to avoid an inactivity fee. There you go. 5% on your money with no risk.

Banks which will transfer to said online savings accounts:

AllyBarclaysDiscoverAlliant CUPenfed and CIT Bank.

Sites which offer said savings:

Western Union –
NetSpend –
MangoMoney –
Brinks –
ControlCard –
Vision Prepaid –
MomentumCard –
Union Plus Prepaid –




brinksnswuns2mangocontrolvisionmmPrepaid Debit Cards

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